There are many assessment products that promise the secret sauce: the perfect picture of a high-performing sales rep. An appealing pitch, but one that fails in the face of reality.

We helped one client move beyond the hype to a more scientific and sound approach to assessing their reps. Our project involved two stages.

First Stage

In the first, we surveyed a random sample of their large salesforce, seeking to identify the key traits and behaviors most associated with top performance. Our experience has shown that key variables don’t usually have a simple linear relationship with performance outcomes. In certain selling environments, and for certain people, different combinations of variables interact in route to higher performance. To combat this issue, we used advanced statistical analyses to develop profiles of variables that work together in different ways. In the case of this client, we identified two distinct profiles of a successful rep.

Second Stage

In the second stage of the project, we implemented a customized version of our PointForward online tool that allowed each of the company’s reps to individually assess how they compared to the two target profiles by taking a short survey. The tool then generated a personalized report that outlined key training and other development activities designed to help the rep move closer to their ideal profile target. Sales managers also received coaching guidance customized for each individual rep profile.


Developing a custom assessment and development tool to move reps closer to high performers.

Client: Financial Services Provider
Timing: 4 months
Results: Unique top performer profiles identified; sustainable approach for replication implemented

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